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Grandparent Visitation  

Iowa law allows a court to grant visitation rights to grandparents under limited circumstances, including the following:

  • The parent of the child, who is the child of the grandparent or grandchild of a great-grandparent, has died.
  • The child has been placed in a foster home.
  • The parent who is not the child of the grandparent has custody of the child and the child's stepparent has been issued a final adoption decree.
  • The grandparent seeks visitation of a grandchild born out of wedlock that is in the custody of the parent who is not the child of the grandparent.


For an informative discussion of the visitation rights of grandparents and the rights of parents, see these Iowa Supreme Court opinions:                         



Spiker v. Spiker 


In re Marriage of Howard 


Santi v. Santi 




January 20, 2006 


May 7, 2003 


September 6, 2001 


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