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Current Child Support Guidelines: Court Rules, Worksheets and Tables

Iowa law requires that the amount of a parent's child support obligation be determined by applying uniform child support guidelines prescribed by the Iowa Supreme Court.  The purpose of the guidelines is to provide for the best interests of the children by recognizing the duty of both parents to provide adequate support for their children in proportion to their respective incomes.  An order may vary from the guideline amount only if the court finds such adjustment necessary to provide for the needs of the children and to do justice between the parties under the special circumstances of individual cases.

The Iowa Child Support Guidelines are contained in Chapter 9 of the Iowa Court Rules.

Chapter 9 contains the Guidelines Rules, Medical Support Table, Adjusted Net Monthly Income Computation, Basic Method of Child Support Computation, and the Join (Equally Shared) Physical Care Method of Child Support Computation.

Also in Chapter 9, Rule 9.26 contains the Iowa Schedule of Basic Support Obligations.

And finally in Chapter 9, Rule 9.27 contains the Child Support Guidelines Worksheets.

Instructions for Income Withholding for Support form 

DHS form: Income Withholding for Support form   

Pursuant to the Federal Family Support Act of 1988, each state must maintain uniform child support guidelines and criteria, and review the guidelines and criteria at least once every four years. The Iowa Supreme Court, with the assistance of advisory committees, regularly reviews and adjusts the guidelines to address the increasingly complex economic and societal issues facing families. The court has completed its most recent review and issued revisions to Chapter 9 of the Iowa Court Rules, Child Support Guidelines, effective July 1, 2013. 

Read the 2012 Iowa Child Support Guidelines Review Committee final report used in the court’s review. 


Review the changes to Chapter 9 of the Iowa Court Rules, effective July 1, 2013, including new child support tables, grids, schedules, and worksheets. 
























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