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Reporters Resources

Reporter's Guide to Iowa Court Systems

A guide containing practical information about access to court records and proceedings, limits on cameras and recorders in courtrooms, etc. Also an overview of the statewide court system with a helpful glossary of legal terms.

Finding a Legal Decision

A three-page guide with tips on finding a case decision and how to read it. Also, tips for conducting online legal research along with some helpful legal links on the web.

Find a Case

A link to the online docket of the Iowa court system is an index of the proceedings and filings in all court cases maintained by all clerk of court offices in the state. Information about confidential cases such as child in need of assistance and mental health cases is not available on this site

Iowa Criminal Statutes Summary Chart

A chronology of charts that show the potential penalties, including fines, fees, surcharges and terms of incarceration, that apply to violations of the state's criminal laws. The charts are posted by year and organized by Code section. The information on the charts is abbreviated. The charts are designed to serve as a guide, not a complete statement or recitation of every crime and penalty.

Common Legal Terms

A list of more than 100 legal terms with definitions.

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