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Protecting Personal Information

The Chapter 16 Rules for electronic filing require filers to protect personal information in the documents they file in public cases. The rules define what information must be protected, as well as what information a filer is allowed to protect without a court order.

When your document must include protected information as defined in rule 16.602, fill out and file the Protected Information Disclosure Form along with your redacted document.

For an explanation of protected formation, see What Is Protected Information?

You are not required to protect personal information in documents that are confidential by Iowa Code or rule or in documents that are filed in confidential cases. For a list of confidential documents and case types, see Restricted Documents and Case Types.

Excused Filers

If you have been excused from the rules of electronic registration and electronic filing, you will use and file paper forms with the clerk of court, including the paper Confidential Information Form and the Civil Cover Sheet.

For a copy of the Civil Cover Sheet, see the paper forms here.

Confidential Information Forms 


Iowa Code section 602.6111 requires parties, other than the state or a political subdivision of the state, to provide the clerk of court with certain identification information in the manner required by rules or directives prescribed by the supreme court. The court issued the following supervisory order and forms pursuant to this law. 


The completed forms, including social security numbers provided therein, shall be kept confidential by the clerk of court and shall not be disclosed except as authorized by state or federal law. 


Confidential Social Security Number Form
      Use for Estates, Conservatorships, Guardian, and Trust cases
            Form  (476 kb)
Confidential Social Security Number Form
      This form is for use by parties involved in actions other than paternity and child support enforcement.
            Form  (476 kb)
Confidential Information Form
      This form is for use by parties involved in actions to enforce child support orders or paternity actions.
            Form  (483 kb)

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